Looking back at the trends of the 1980s, it is difficult to not feel a wave of nostalgia coming up. The 1980s was an era of bright and colorful clothing, and some of the most unique and groundbreaking fashion trends had surfaced. The decade was full of interesting style experiments and changes, often times seen in urban as well as pop culture. After decades resurgences of these ‘80s fashion trends with contemporary twists and meanings, there is no denying how the ’80s has become a part of modern fashion.

So why not explore what were the best fashion trends that all the cool people were wearing back in the 1980s? Let’s go through the most popular and unique looks, the comebacks that still may flood the street, and more.

What Were the Most Popular Fashion Trends in the 1980s?

When looking back at trending fashion from the eighties, there can be no denying that lots of vibrant colors and also some out-of-the-box looks popularized the decade. Tees and tops, bottoms, and fashion accessories all played their parts.

Let’s take a look:

Tops and Tees:

The ‘80s was all about the loud statement tees and tops. Some of the most iconic tees from the era included sleeveless sporty tanks, bright and graphic tees, polo shirts, wrap shirts, and many more. Neon and unorthodox colors were literally everywhere, as well as bold graphics particularly rising in the music industry.


When it comes to bottoms in the 1980s, people love wearing pants and shorts with baggy, bright and shiny details. High rise jeans were popular, as well as harem stirrup pants. As for shorts, the classic denim and pastel shorts that were often paired with contrasting strip shirts, were in vogue. Leggings were also huge, worked up in light or neon colors with matching tank tops and maybe a big, bomber jacket on top.


The accessories of the time included big, flashy earrings, colorful and tribal-inspired jewelry, belts and buckles with huge logos and bright neon colors, as well as some bold hair styling.

How Did the Music Scene Impact ‘80s Fashion?

It can be said that the ‘80s was all about the music, and it hugely influenced the 80s fashion. Different music genres including punk, new wave, rock and pop, created their own fashion trends in the form of outfits. Bands and rock stars were very influential in terms of fashion in this decade. Here are some styles inspired by the music of the times:


The rocking trend was full of bright and dark colors, with lots of leather, denim and jewelry. Spiked hair, jean jackets and ripped tees were also associated with this style. People also opted for spikes, metallic jewelry and bright patches to customize their looks.


Pop stars usually came up with stylish and modish looks that were on the brighter side. Bubble sleeve tees and puff shoulder blouses, high waisted jeans and skirts, the swooshy skirt, the blazer and puffy sleeves in tees were few of the contemporary trends inspired by the pop music culture.

New Wave:

The new wave era was all about wearing dark colors along with metallics, such as black and red, silver and gold. Asymmetrical cuts and pleated trousers, acid wash jeans and dark blazers were considered in style. The “punk princess” look was also inspired by the new wave culture.

What Are Some of the Comebacks We Still See of the ‘80s?

Looking back, some of the ‘80s fashion comebacks may still be flooding the streets. From tees and tops to bottoms, the 80s have seen some creative fashion trends that are still popular today.

Tops and Tees:

The bright and loud graphic tees from the era have made a comeback in the last few years. Oversized tees, tanks with bold colors, classic rock band tees, cartoon characters on tops and more, are still seen popularly.


High-waisted jeans, acid wash jeans, mom jeans, stirrup pants, power suits, bell bottoms and other bright colors, such as turquoise, purple, green and yellow, are all making a comeback today. People are exploring different washes, fabrics and colors, making the ‘80s look more interesting in the present.


The iconic PUMA sneakers were very popular in the ‘80s, and they are still stylish today. Based on classic designs, colorful Pop colors and modern elements, the sneakers still fill up the streets everywhere. Other than that, platform shoes, cowboy boots, jelly shoes and white boots are also getting popular once again.

Do Not Miss the Best Layering Outfits from the ‘80s

Layering outfits in winter can be intimidating. But, looking back to the ‘80s, gives us a great idea of how to layer the clothes stylishly and make a fashion statement.

The key is to not go for simple colors, instead be experimental and bold with the layers. Choose to couple loud colors, rather than keeping things monochromatic. Full length coats, coats with fur details, denim sleeveless jackets, denim jeans, long sleeve tees….layer all of these up and make sure to keep the contrast alive.

Lastly, add accessories to add more vibrancy to the look. Colorful bold earrings, funky necklaces, and some old school neck scarves, hats and gloves, it’s time to set a trend again!

The eighties have brought us an age that shall never be forgotten. With creative and bold fashion choices, lots of popular trends and interesting comebacks, the eighties of fashion shall always be remembered.

So, all the fashion lovers out there, why not try some of the looks and revive the old days, in your own style. Whether you are looking for a punk vibe or a pop look, the ‘80s is the perfect combination of classic fashion meets contemporary styles. As they say, the greatest trends come back in style.