Cats are a source of love, laughter and amusement—as seen in the hilarious cat memes circulating the web. Whether they’re yowling a hearty meow or pushing down the keyboard of your computer, cats often bring us a little bit of joy in our daily lives. To celebrate felines everywhere, here are the funniest cat memes of all time.

What Makes a Cat Meme So Funny?

Cat memes are unique because they leverage the funny, silly side of cats to make people laugh. From cats in funny poses to cats acting out of character by doing something humans usually do, these furry creatures contain an endless source of entertainment.

Since cats can’t write jokes themselves, cat memes are the perfect way to bring out the perky and random aspects of cats that make them so lovable. For cat lovers far and wide, these cats memes will have you chuckling in no time.

Top 5 Funniest Cat Memes

Cat memes have been around since the early days of the World Wide Web, and they’re even more popular today. Here are five of the funniest cat memes that are sure to make cat-lovers smile.

  1. Not Quite a Foodie

It’s easy to find foodie cats who enjoy their meals as much as humans do. Although most cats might attack their food with enthusiasm, this one’s not too enthused about its dinner. This meme was created to show how cats sometimes have a mind of their own and this cat certainly looks like it’s thinking “meh” instead of saying “meow”.

  1. Not Impressed

Many cats get stuck in the same poses, so when they move, it’s often a surprise. This cat looks so unimpressed with its human companion, who springs up and excited as ever—showing exactly how differently cats and humans react to things.

  1. Thinking Outside the Box

Unlike the last meme, this one’s a bit deeper. It shows a humanoid cat pondering all the possibilities outside the concept of the “Box”. Though humans may have built their society within the confines of various norms, cats, on the other hand, have the freedom to think and react as they please.

  1. The Hustle

Cats can be lethargic, but for the most part, they enliven our spirits. When your cat’s tired of lazing around the house, why not get him involved in some creative activities? This meme represents just that—showing a funny scene of a multi-tasking cat cleaning the house, doing the dishes and talking on the phone all at the same time.

  1. Shopping Trip

While most cats might lounge around the house, some can’t help but explore. Even cats can’t get enough of retail therapy and this meme shows just that. The image takes a picture of a cat pushing a grocery cart and is sure to have you giggling.

The Power of Cat Memes

Cats and kittens have been part of pop culture since the times of Ancient Egypt. However, the current fascination over cat memes and videos has only been around for a few decades.

Though cat memes still may not be as popular as other meme varieties (like funny baby and dog memes), they do have an important role to play in how we interact with cats. Cat memes reveal the intelligence, humor, eccentricity and even the unpredictability of cats—all of which have been further emphasized through the World Wide Web.

Not only do cat memes and funny cat videos help us share our love of cats with family and friends, but they also bring us a positive laugh each and every day.

Overall, cat memes are a fun and easy way to tap into the vibrant personalities of cats. Whether you’re looking to make someone else laugh or just seeking a few moments of joy in your own life, nothing beats looking through some entertaining cat memes.