Whether you are flirting with someone or being flirted with, the zodiac sign someone is born under can provide insight into how they approach flirting. Astrologers have studied all twelve zodiac signs and determined which signs are most likely to find success when flirting. In this article, we will look into the zodiac signs and what makes these signs more likely to flirt. Read on to find out which signs are most comfortable darting a few winks and making sly remarks.

The Bold Fire Signs

The fire signs are the most ardent initiators when it comes to flirting. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius all radiate energy and confidence, so they are likely to draw attention from the outset. They are fiercely independent and are often the first to make that initial move. They each possess a unique spirit which won’t be put off by the potential for rejection.

Aries – Aries individuals are naturally flirtatious. They have a quick wit and no fear of being bold. In the case of an Aries, one-liners and teasing conversations are likely to take center stage.

Leo – These individuals thrive in situations where they are in the spotlight and have an audience of onlookers. For them, the art of flirting is often used as a way of drawing attention. They may come off as a bit too bold, however this is only because Leos are unapologetically pursuing whatever they want.

Sagittarius – When flirting, the adventurous Sagittarius will often incorporate some well-timed jokes. They are always looking for a good laugh, and will use it as a way of lightening the mood and breaking the ice.

The Charming Air Signs

The air signs are best at making lighthearted and charming conversation. With Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius as part of this group, it’s no surprise since these three signs are all about intellectual stimulation, witty banter, and creative ideas.

Gemini – The duality of the Gemini allows them to be quite qualified in the field of flirting. They are flexible and multifaceted, often flitting from one topic to the next with ease. This can be both entertaining and alluring to someone they are flirting with.

Libra – Libras make flirting look effortless. They possess the most social ease and understand the art of conversation. They know how to make someone feel special, often using their diplomatic and fair nature in the pursuit of winning someone over.

Aquarius – Aquarians are big dreamers, often interested in topics that others might not have thought about. This can make them quite intriguing in conversations, and leads to playful conversations that incorporate thought-provoking questions and ideas.

The Sensitive Water Signs

The water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – often convey an air of mystery. They are emotional and sensitive individuals who understand the art of subtlety and use it to their advantage.

Cancer – Cancers may be shy when it comes to open flirting, however they have a hidden passionate side that often comes out when they feel comfortable. They often appear sweet and gentle but can go deep in conversation if the right buttons are pushed.

Scorpio – Scorpios are private individuals who prefer more intimate and intense conversations than the shallow and surface-level small talk many people engage in. They often prefer conversations that delve into the psyche, which makes them quite attractive to people looking for more intense conversation.

Pisces – Pisceans are gentle, whilst also having an air of savviness to them. They care deeply and they look beyond the surface of things. They flirt in an imaginative and romantic way, often surprising their romantic pursuits with dreamy concepts such as weekend getaways or deep probing questions.

There is a wide variety of approaches when it comes to flirting, however the zodiac signs can give us a little insight into the types of techniques someone is likely to use. Be sure to watch for the signs and keep an eye out for who falls into the categories of the bold fire signs, the charming air signs or the sensitive water signs.