Are you a Walmart customer? If so, you may have heard the news that Walmart is temporarily closing several stores in certain U.S states and territories as a result of the pandemic. Walmart is the largest physical retailer in the U.S. and this development could have an impact on your shopping plans. In this article, we’ll discuss why Walmart is closing stores temporarily and what customers need to know about this change.

Why is Walmart Closing Stores Temporarily?

Walmart has taken the decision to close some of its stores in order to prioritize the health and safety of its customers, associates, and vendors. Since the pandemic has created an unprecedented increase in demand on grocery stores, many retailers such as Walmart have had to adjust their operations in order to meet the new demand.

One of the main reasons Walmart is taking the unprecedented step to temporarily close stores is due to the risk of overcrowding that some of their stores have been experiencing. By limiting the number of customers in their stores at any given time, Walmart is working to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy during this difficult time.

List of Stores Temporarily Closing

Walmart is temporarily closing stores in many U.S. states and territories, including:

• California
• Hawaii
• Massachusetts
• New York
• New Jersey
• Maryland
• Virginia
• Connecticut
• Rhode Island
• Kuwait
• Puerto Rico
• American Samoa
• Guam
• Northern Mariana Islands
• United States Virgin Islands
• District of Columbia

The exact list of stores that are impacted has not been released yet.

What Customers Should Know About Closure

For customers that are impacted by the temporary store closings, there are few things they should know.

• Walmart is committed to helping customers find other nearby stores that are still open. Customers are encouraged to visit and check out the “Store Locator” tool. This tool helps customers enter their zip code to find the nearest store location.

• Customers can also shop collections at features a variety of products, ranging from grocery and household items to electronics and toys.

• Additionally, some Walmart stores are offering curbside pickup and delivery services. Curbside Pickup allows customers to place orders online and pick up their items at designated store parking lots, while Delivery service allows customers to have their orders brought to them.

• Finally, customers are reminded that their local store may have adjusted its hours to better suit the needs of their shoppers during the pandemic.

What Other Companies Are Doing to Help?

Walmart isn’t the only retailer taking precautions during the pandemic. Many other companies and organizations are doing their part to help prevent the spread of the virus.

• Amazon has adjusted its services to prioritize the safety of its customers and workers. The company is taking extra precautions, including sanitizing delivery vehicles, instituting temperature checks for associates, and accepting no-contact delivery.

• Instacart, a grocery delivery app, is providing incentives for their shoppers to encourage them to continue their deliveries safely. This includes additional pay for shoppers in certain areas, additional bonuses for shoppers who are working longer hours, and free thermometers to check their body temperatures.

• Kroger, a grocery chain, is also taking extra precautions to ensure customers’ safety. These measures include enforcing social distancing measures in stores, limiting the number of people allowed in the store at one time, and offering free pickup and delivery services.

Walmart’s decision to temporarily close stores is supporting the health and safety of their shoppers and employees. It’s important to note that customers in impacted areas may still be able to shop online, take advantage of curbside pickup services, and visit nearby stores. Other companies in the retail sector are also taking steps to help reduce the spread of the virus, such as Amazon and Kroger. All in all, it’s important for customers to stay informed on how companies are working to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time.