Going from being a well-known TV celebrity to an everyday regular Joe isn’t an easy transition, or an easy choice to make. Yet, this is exactly what happened to Robert Iler, an American actor, broadcast producer and former child actor, known for playing Anthony Jr. (A.J.), the son of Mafia boss Tony Soprano on the HBO show The Sopranos (1999–2007). We can’t help but wonder what led Iler to basically ditch it all and pursue a more mainstream career path.

Who Is Robert Iler?

Robert Iler is an American actor and former child actor, well-known for his portrayal of A.J. Soprano on the HBO hit show The Sopranos. Iler started doing commercials and voicing cartoons in the late Nineties, which set him up to land his breakthrough role as Tony Soprano’s son in the award-winning series in 1999.

During his time on The Sopranos, Iler was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award three times and won a Young Artist Award in 2001. He also reprised his role in the 2006 feature film The Sopranos: Road to Respect and the 2007 video game The Sopranos: Road to Respect.

Iler’s Recent Activities

After the series came to an end in 2007, Iler stayed out of the spotlight and went on to pursue a career outside of acting. He became a father in 2012 and has traveled the world, focusing on charity work and traveling for inspiration. Most recently, Iler has been involved in the Pivot Foundation, an organization dedicated to making a real and sustainable change in the lives of those who live with depression.

What Has Robert Iler Been Doing Since ‘The Sopranos’?

It’s no secret that Robert Iler was living the high life while starring on The Sopranos, but after the show ended, Iler decided it was time to step away from the limelight and pursue something new. Here’s what the former child actor has been up to since the end of The Sopranos.

  1. Pursuing a College Degree

It’s no surprise that Iler chose to pursue a college degree after the series ended. He was accepted to Boston College in 2006 and later transferred to Fordham University in New York City. In 2011, he graduated with a degree in economics and political science.

  1. Starting a Career in Real Estate

Armed with his college degree, Iler decided to pursue a career in real estate. He began working as an associate broker at Elegran Real Estate in 2014 and has established himself as one of the company’s most successful agents.

  1. Doing Charity Work

Iler also dedicates a lot of his time to charitable causes. He is heavily involved in the Pivot Foundation, which is dedicated to making a real and sustainable change in the lives of those who live with depression.

  1. Going on Adventures

When he’s not working, Iler likes to travel the world and explore new places. He has shared photos of his travels on Instagram, giving his fans an inside look at his adventures.

The transition from celebrity child actor to an everyday college graduate may not have been an easy decision, but it certainly was a wise one. Robert Iler shows us that you don’t have to stay in one place forever. Rather, you can choose a different career path and make the best of it. Iler made the right choice to pursue something more substantial and worthwhile, and it looks like it has served him well.