The footwear and streetwear retailer, Footaction, has announced that it will be permanently closing all of its stores in North America. After nearly 22 years in the business, the iconic sneaker store is closing its doors due to the effects of the pandemic. This is a huge loss for the sneaker and streetwear community, as the store was well-known for carrying some of the most sought-after brands and styles.


Footaction was established in 1999 as a part of the Foot Locker family. The store was originally launched as a way to expand the Foot Locker business, by targeting the youth market. It quickly became a favorite destination for shoppers looking for the latest trends in sneakers and streetwear. Footaction was particularly known for carrying a wide range of styles from well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Jordan.

The Reasons Behind the Closure

Footaction has stated that the pandemic has been the main factor in the decision to close all of its stores. The company has noted that lockdowns and restrictions, among other things, have put a strain on the business, making it difficult to operate in a profitable way. Footaction is also facing mounting competition in the industry, particularly from online retailers.

Effects of the Closure

Hundreds of employees across the United States and Canada will be losing their jobs as a result of the closure. Workers were given the option of transferring to another Foot Locker location if they desired. However, those who chose not to transfer will be given a severance package.

In addition to the lost jobs, the closure of Footaction will have a huge impact on the sneaker and streetwear community. There are few stores that offer such a large variety of products, and the closure of Footaction will leave a void for those who are looking for unique styles.

The Future for Footaction

Despite the closure of the stores, Footaction will continue to exist online. Customers can still access their vast selection of products via the Foot Locker website and app. In addition, will remain operational, and customers will continue to enjoy the same level of quality service and selection that they are used to.

The closure of all Footaction stores across North America is a huge blow to the sneaker and streetwear community. After nearly 22 years in the business, the iconic brand is no longer available in physical stores. However, Footaction will still exist online, giving customers access to its vast selection of products. It is yet to be seen how the closure of the stores will impact the industry, but it is clear that it will be felt by those who have relied on Footaction for the latest trends in footwear and apparel.