For many, meeting their future partner is a moment that they will cherish and remember forever. A newfound understanding of relationship dynamics has revealed that the way in which couples meet can actually increase the chances of divorce. Despite this new discovery, it is important to remember that all relationships will face challenges that can be worked through with the right support and communication.

What the Study Discovered
A recent study conducted by Temple University revealed that meeting your spouse through a ‘swiping’ dating app increases your chances of divorce by as much as 39%. While this revelation indicates an alarmingly high risk for individuals who have found a partner in this way, the same study revealed that couples who met through mutual friends had a much lower probability of ending in a dissolution of the marital agreement.

The study consisted of a survey of more than 8000 couples in the United States, who were asked to report the story of how they originally met their partner. From this survey, the researchers identified a statistically reliable pattern that revealed the divide between traditional couples and those who were united through a modern dating app. The researchers were also able to rule out other potential risk factors such as financial status, religion, and education level, meaning that the app used to facilitate the union was the only logical solution to the higher risk of divorce.

A Possible Explanation
It is impossible to determine exactly why couples who meet via a dating app face higher risks of divorce. However, it is possible to make certain assumptions based on current social and cultural norms. For example, some experts have surmised that for individuals who meet through a dating app, there is often a lack of real connection and communication due to the reliance on a computer-based platform. This restricts the expression of emotions or simple conversations that can then lead to deeper understanding and appreciation between partners.

Another possible explanation identified by the researchers behind the study is that couples who meet through dating apps often lack a certain level of intimacy or ‘spark’ that can often be found in couples who have had a chance to build a friendship before making the journey into romance. While this is not a certainty, it is an assumption that helps to explain the higher rate of divorce linked with this type of meeting.

Should We Be Worried?
The results of this study do not necessarily indicate an increased risk of divorce for those who have or are planning to meet through a dating app. Instead, the study suggests that caution should be taken when considering this avenue to find a partner. A relationship should be based on a strong foundation of trust, communication, and compromise. Meeting a partner in a way that does not allow for these key traits to be tested and established may lead to difficulties that cannot be weathered.

What Couples Can Do
Couples who have already experienced a meeting through a dating app or any other method should strongly consider counseling or support services if they are facing difficulties in their relationship. A professional can help to identify underlying issues and promote strong emotional and practical pathways to healing.

These results should also be viewed as an important reminder that everyone should enter into a relationship with an open heart and conscious understanding of what makes a healthy partnership.

Enumeration of Tips to Ensure a Strong Relationship:
• Spend quality time together and make date nights a regular occurrence
• Communicate openly and honestly – don’t be afraid to express your emotions
• Check-in with each other often and be sure to listen to and respect each other’s point of view
• Take the time to truly get to understand your partner – try looking for ways to deepen connections
• Work to resolve any issues or arguments in an amicable and constructive way
• Make it a priority to nurture trust and respect within the relationship

It is important to be aware of the potential risks facing couples who unite via a dating app, however, it is also important to not discredit or focus solely on the figures associated with this study. Every relationship is unique and no matter where a couple originated, it is possible to achieve a healthy balance with the right attitude and support systems.

Ultimately, it is essential that couples take the time to cultivate and nurture their partnership in order to successfully navigate the highs and lows associated with any relationship. A clear understanding of relationship dynamics combined with a dedication to resolving issues in a respectful and empathetic way will protect any couple, regardless of how they first met.