We all spend much of our days taking in a variety of media – television, print, internet, you name it. But one form of media that has consistently held its own throughout the years and only grown in popularity is the beloved television commercial. Commercials can captivate us and make us laugh, or even encourage us to buy a certain product. 

They’re everywhere and they can come with some surprise appearances. Did you know that some of your favorite celebs have lent their star wattage to certain commercials? Here are some of the surprising celebrities behind some of the most famous commercials today.

Ryan Reynolds and Aviation American Gin

Ryan Reynolds has made quite a splash in recent years, from rom-coms to superhero movies to teaming up with a line of premium American Gin. Ryan Reynolds and Aviation American Gin have a relationship that stretches back to 2018 and has only deepened since. For instance, the actor appears in Aviation American Gin’s first-ever advertisement in 2019 which is witty, comical, and most importantly, brilliant in terms of marketing. Ryan riffs on his past cocktail-making experiences who recall hilarious or memorable tales should find it particularly amusing.

You might even recognize the tagline “Gin that’s smoother than Mr. Reynolds himself.” It’s no wonder Ryan Reynolds’ commercial successes with Aviation American Gin have become iconic, and generated a lot of buzz in the process.

David Schwimmer and Sky Mobile

When the news broke that David Schwimmer had been cast in a commercial for Sky Mobile, everyone was left scratching their heads. After all, it seemed like an odd pairing between one of the most popular ’90s-era TV stars and a mobile phone company.

But, as it turns out, the commercial was a hit, thanks in part to Schwimmer nailing his role in the parody “Friends” reunion. The commercial was part of a larger campaign by the company that ran for several years, repeatedly showing off David Schwimmer in his best “Friends” character and reminding consumers of the value that their plan offers.

David Schwimmer’s commercial was widely lauded for its comedic timing and strong writing, and people searched for more of Schwimmer’s appearances in Sky Mobile commercials.

Mila Kunis and Jim Beam

Jim Beam bourbon is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable brands of whisky and bourbon on the planet. And since 2012, the company has secured a partnership with actress Mila Kunis, who has appeared in a string of multiple Jim Beam advertisement campaigns.

Kunis’ ad appearances are entertaining, humorous, and always relatively light-hearted. One advertisement campaign in particular featured Kunis trying her hand at the type of stunts that were popular in the movies like “Speed” and “Scary Movie”. The commercial even references the “Friends” reunion commercial with David Schwimmer, with Kunis saying “No one wants a Rachel-Antonio sandwich.”

In addition to the commercial campaign, Kunis also became the global spokeswoman for Jim Beam in 2013 and has continually promoted the brand for Jim Beam. Overall it’s an excellent pay off when it comes to getting value out of celebrity endorsements.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Odor-Eaters

Though you might not think this particular product is a good fit for superstar Benedict Cumberbatch, he has in fact been front and center for both television ad campaigns and campaigns for Odor-Eaters. If anything, the character he plays in the commercials is a perfect match for the product – the “Sophisticated Sock Shredder”.

In the ads, Cumberbatch plays a dryly witty British character who wants to rid the world of smelly feet and bad odors. In the course of doing so, he takes his mission to extreme lengths and goes for a hike with his dog, only to discover that his own feet smell as bad as anyone else’s.

Though the commercial channeled a few of the actor’s well-known works, like Sherlock and Doctor Strange, the advertisement provided excellent publicity for Odor-Eaters and helped to build up some serious buzz around the product.

Werner Herzog and Cash4Gold

Werner Herzog is the type of actor who makes a statement with each role he chooses to play. But when he decided to appear in a television ad for Cash4Gold, people were left a bit baffled. While the company is by no means a household name, the celebrity endorsement was certainly massive and made a lot of noise.

In the advertisement, Herzog plays a “Sovereign Investor” who is convinced to invest in Cash4Gold, a company that allows you to exchange gold jewelry for cash. It’s a role that could have easily been filled by anyone else, yet Herzog is the one who made the commercial. While his acting chops were great as always, most people seem to agree that Herzog’s presence in the commercial was what made it so memorable.

From Ryan Reynolds to Werner Herzog, many celebrities have relegated themselves to the world of advertisements for one reason or another. And while some might think that becoming a spokesperson for a product or company is a lowbrow thing to do, it often serves as a brilliant marketing move that pays off in spades. Not to mention, who doesn’t love seeing their favorite celebrity in a light-hearted commercial that has excellent comedic writing and timing? These commercials are sure to make you laugh, or at least be surprised by the unexpected celebrity.